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Thursday, May 29, 2008


We recently came across a great blog, VIVA CHUCK TODD, dedicated to the inimitable msnbc political analyst Chuck Todd. The post, The Chuck Todd Experience by Amy Martin, had us laughing and nodding the entire way through. Here is an excerpt:

"When the talking heads are yelling and screaming at each other (memo to Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan–we can hear you, so dial it down a notch, okay?) and I’m about at the point of yelling and screaming at them, my head on the verge of exploding from trying to process all the useless back and forth and my jaw clenched tightly enough to wear down my fillings, someone suddenly says “Let’s turn it over to Chuck Todd for a check of the delegate count.”

And I exhale, the boiling blood draining from my face at the sight of Chuck Todd standing in front of what looks like the world’s most complicated overhead projector, dry erase marker in hand, ready to hurt you with the sweet, sweet pain of incontrovertible math."

In this political season, Chuck Todd indeed is like the "majestic Golden Retriever" and VIVA Chuck Todd has hit just the right note.

This is a MUST-READ and if you love Chuck Todd then their VIVA CHUCK t-shirt is a MUST-HAVE.

Navigating the political scene right now, just watching Chuck Todd and reading VIVA CHUCK TODD will lower your blood pressure, calm your shattered nerves and make you want to wade through all the rest just to hear someone say, "Let's turn it over to Chuck Todd for a check of the delegate count."

Thanks to VIVA CHUCK TODD for bringing Chuck into the limelight where he so belongs!

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