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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fair Share Tax

First, what is meant by Fair Share? We hear it bandied about all the time, mostly by politicians, and it usually refers to taxing the wealthy corporations - the ones with those huge profits - so that they will pay their fair share. But think for a moment. Do corporations really just absorb that tax and let us off the hook? Of course not! This is a politcian's trick. Economics 101 teaches us that companies can't bear taxes, only people can. The companies, in effect, collect taxes for the government by passing that tax on to all of us - customers, employees and stockholders. The costs of our goods and services and the prices we pay for those goods and services just go up. See what we mean?

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If you can understand this simple argument then pat yourself on the back. You are one step closer to getting out of the Booboisie!

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  1. To be a real american you must first understand and practice the concept of spending way more than you make, then blame your bank, the real estate agent and your government and then demand that they bail you out. That is fair. That is the new american dream.


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