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Monday, June 2, 2008

Senator Bill Nelson - No Eagle Scout

When one envisions an Eagle Scout, United States Senator Bill Nelson (D., Fla) embodies that vision. If one thinks of an Eagle Scout as smart and truthful, Senator Nelson belies that notion. Currently he has a bill before the Florida senate to do away with the Electoral College. Also, as an avid Hillary Clinton supporter he argues that the voters in the Florida Democratic primary were disenfranchised and need to be recognized since this goes against the founding fathers' idea of one man, one vote. This doesn't make any sense since the founders did not advocate one man, one vote as evidenced by the formation of Electors. Further evidence that the founders did not want one man one vote is seen by the fact that they disenfranchised black men and every woman when it came to the vote. In addition, the original Constitution called for the state legislatures to select all U. S. senators.

Senator Nelson further argues that the Florida delegation should be seated since Florida was forced into it's current situation (where the DNC punished Florida for moving it's primary forward by taking away their delegation to the convention) by a Republican legislature and signed into law by a Republican governor. Again, this does not jive with the facts. The fact is that House Bill 537 in Florida passed unanimously in the House and passed by a vote of 37 - 2 in the Senate. The Democrats certainly were not forced into this as evidenced by the fact that out of 157 voters in the House and Senate, there were only 2 dissenters to this bill. The main thrust of the bill was to do away with touch screen voting machines and to ensure that Florida had a paper trail for the voters. The Democrats were warned by the DNC that there would be sanctions if they moved their primary forward so once changes to the primary process were lumped into this bill, the Democrats could very well have made an issue of this before the vote was taken where even the Booboisie in Florida would have understood.

The inability to put facts together is just plain stupidity. The refusal to put facts together is outright lying. Senator Bill Nelson - stupid or liar? At any rate, no Eagle Scout!

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