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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fist Bump, Pound, DAP, Knucks, LIST - DOs and DON'Ts

We found this great list about the "fist bump heard 'round the world" (here credited to Mr. Wonka & Tasty Booze Team on Breaking Media Network and posted on digg):

1. If sports are involved, fist bumping is always acceptable.

2. If you are wearing a suit, you may only fist bump if you are drunk. (we take issue with this one. The stuffed shirts and empty suits have been doing this for awhile and it has humanized them to the degree they can be humanized so we say bump away if you're in a suit) Or if you have just wrapped part of your suit around your forehead.

3. You may not fist bump under any circumstances, in a hospital. Unless Rule #1 (or Rule #2) applies.

4. Do not fist bump someone else’s misfortune, even if it helps you. Just look down, furrow your brow, and nod sternly.

5. No fist bumping between the hours of 7am and 10am. And if you’re watching sports at this time, it’s probably soccer or NASCAR, and then you should really not be fist bumping. High fives will suffice for both.

6. Do not fist bump in a meeting. Even if you are drunk.

7. Do not fist bump your children. Unless you’re drunk, then it’s OK.

8. Girls can fist bump anytime they want. And yes, guys think it’s cute.

9. Do not refuse a fist bump. If you, as a bumpee, believe the bumper is violating a rule, speak to him afterwards. Refusing his bump is not going to help anything.

10. Do not fist bump yourself.

With all the controversy surrounding this casual friendly greeting that has been in the main steam for a number of years now, come on people, get a grip! Give it a try and and do follow the DAPiquette as outlined above.

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