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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Toomey to challenge Specter

We are pleased to welcome Mark as our guest blogger. Mark is a sports radio talk show host and political enthusiast who engagingly blogs about sports and politics at Spolitics - Sports and Politics so be sure to drop by and take a look!

Being from Pennsylvania, this was the best news story of the day. Incumbent Republican Senator and RINO (Republican in Name Only) Arlen Specter has gotten a primary challenge from conservative Pat Toomey. Pat was the president of Club for Growth and also mounted a primary challenge for Specter in 2004, which he lost narrowly. Specter is thought to be very vulnerable because of his vote for the stimulus package, a package that only 3 other Republicans voted for. Specter knew a challenge was coming, and even prematurely ran an ad about Pat Toomey criticizing Toomey for being a Wall Street Trader. A hypothetical matchup between Toomey and Specter conducted by Quinnipiac University had Toomey leading Specter 41%-27% with 28% undecided. This could turn out to be a great race, and while I think Specter has a much better chance in the general election, he is basically a Democrat anyway so I hope Toomey can pull it out.

Big thanks to Mark for his informative article! To read more, click on the title link.


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  2. Hi, hey, I'm also a (former) now living in the ATL.

    I also wrote a piece on this over on my blog you may find entertaining.


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